Spring Boot Introduction

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Kumar Pallav
·Oct 1, 2018·

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Spring Boot is easy, robust and simple way to create production grade standalone application that you can run.

It is a very opinionated approach of Spring boot library and third party application with a motive of starting an application without much configuration. Spring Boot handles most of the configuration required for Spring and third party libraries.

Tough it handles most of your configuration by itself , it’s opinionated approach doesn’t come in your way to override default configuration , and you can still add custom configuration on your own.

Running a Spring Boot application is as easy as running a jar file.

    1. Requirements and Prerequisites

  • While writing this documentation spring boot is at version 2.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT. It requires

  • Java Version 8
  • Maven 3.2 + or Gradle 4
  • Servlet Container as Tomcat 8.5 /Jetty 9.4 /Undertow 1.3
  • While proceeding further we do expect that you have Java version 8, Maven 3.2 or Gradle installed on your system.

    It is expected that as a reader you do have a basic knowledge of Java and Maven . A knowledge on Spring is a big plus but you can learn it along the course. Things will be kept as simple as possible, with links to full source code.

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